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Exploring my “Man Box,” Redefining myself as a man. Regardless of how we learned it, early in our childhood and adolescence we all developed a Man Box which has shaped our male stereotype.  It may have been a positive, negative, or not aware experience. Now with new insight and understanding, we may be able to redefine the Man box so that we can tweak, rebuild, and/or challenge our maleness for a better life. Please join us in the mountains of San Diego County back country at Camp Stevens near Julian for a great weekend experience of fellowship, relaxation, conversation, and self-investigation


The Men's Fellowship Renewals offer a safe place in which we, as brothers, can be open to the issues that challenge us to the core of who we are and help us to begin the process of unpacking them. In small supportive kinship group setting, we will share confidentially and non-judgmentally manner.  We welcome our sometimes raw emotions and self-aware laughter at our foibles. In addition, there will be time for music and singing, hot tub and hiking, drumming and ritual, conversation and renewing friendships, and meditation and quiet time. 

The $175 fee includes meals and lodging.  It is our policy that no man will be denied for financial reason; scholarships are available.  An informal Thursday evening check-in is possible if you want to start the weekend early and to adjust to the altitude and beauty of the area. 


For more information on applying for scholarship  or other questions, please contact Mike Dorfi (619-466-5962) or John Holl (619-546-6525)

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things we do


what we do on renewals..


  1. Chanting

  2. Singing

  3. Drumming


  1. Hiking

  2. Hot tub

  3. Sweat Lodge


  1. meditation

  2. financial planning

  3. journaling workshops

  4. small group sharing

What is a UUMF renewal?


Fall Renewal at Camp Stevens, Julian CA

Friday, September  to Sunday April 14, 2019