renewal weekends


Ready to escape to the splendor of the mountain and celebrate the union of Balance, Harmony, and Joy in a community of brothers? Please consider joining us at Camp Stevens in the nearby mountains of San Diego east county to just relax, to fellowship with new and old friends. For more information please contact Mike Dorfi,, 619-466-5952) or John Holl,, 619-546-6525). Registration Fee: $175*, includes room, board & participation in all activities. UUMF Semi-Annual Membership: $25 (SD County only)

The calendar tab will have information on planning dates and meetings. Download the Registration Form here.  We’re excited to offer an on-line registration:

Fall Renewal - Sept 28-30 at Camp Stevens, Julian

things we do


what we do on renewals..


  1. Chanting

  2. Singing

  3. Drumming


  1. Hiking

  2. Hot tub

  3. Sweat Lodge


  1. meditation

  2. financial planning

  3. journaling workshops

  4. small group sharing

What is a UUMF renewal


*It is our policy that no brother be denied for financial hardship. For scholarship or more information contact either Mike Dorfi or John Holl - contact information above. An application can be found here - instructions are noted on the application.