renewal weekends


The 2018 annual UUMF Spring Renewal to be held at Camp deBenneville Pines near Angel Oaks, CA. Come for fellowship, relaxation, renewal and enjoyment of the easily accessible San Bernardino National Forest. The weekend will include workshops, deep sharing, music and drumming, silence, ritual, games, songs, laughter, and great food all in the safe circle of our brotherhood. There will again be an optional night on Thursday, April 19, for those who choose to adjustment to the altitude early. The calendar tab will have information on planning dates and meetings. Contact Mike Dorfi via email or at (619) 446-5952. Download the Registration Form here.  We’re excited to offer an on-line registration:

Spring renewal - April 20-22 at Camp deBenneville Pines

things we do


what we do on renewals..


  1. Chanting

  2. Drumming


  1. Hiking

  2. Hot tub

  3. Sweat Lodge


  1. meditation

  2. financial planning

  3. journaling workshops

  4. small group sharing

What is a UUMF renewal


* For anyone wishing to attend but may not because of financial hardship - a limited number of Scholarships are available for the Renewals. An application can be found here - instructions are noted on the application.