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Men’s Fellowship page on the First UU Website

MENS SUPPORT GROUPS: Are you looking for friends, fellowship and sharing with other men? Then here’s your opportunity to join your own men’s support group! We’re looking for at least a few more men to join an ongoing men’s support group in our UU Men’s Fellowship.

I’ve been in one of our support groups for over twenty years. I look forward to our meetings and enjoy our friendship, lively discussions, sharing good and bad times and reassuring support. It’s a high point to my life at 1st UU!

The groups usually meet twice a month for a couple hours each time. Since developing friendships and bonding is vital to our groups, you need to be able and willing to commit to regular attendance for your group to succeed. Our support groups often meet in the members’ homes but can also meet at the Church if space is available.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about a support group, please contact Armin Kuhlman or 619-229-0204. Let me know your preferences for meeting times, general location and any specific interests.

STEERING COMMITTEE Agenda: Steering Committee meeting is linked (When one is available) & the Meeting Notes from the last Steering Committee can be found here

The UUMF By Laws can be found here

Our ‘brother’ groups - UU Fellowship of San Dieguito - Mens Group can be found here (coming soon)

Our Facebook page can be found here

Hillcrest LGBT Center is Coming Soon!

If you’d like to get in touch with someone about a issue or can link to the UU Minister’s and Ministry Team is Coming Soon!..

If you’re looking to donate books or magazines - we recommend “the bookman” - 

If you have an idea, or suggestion for the UU Mens Mike Dorfi, or Kim Cohn...they will get in touch with you about it...

Should you think that you have a resource that many of our brothers would appreciate, please contact John Merkler to update our resource list.